There is nothing more sustainable than reusing things instead of disposing of them. And that in many respects!



Auctionism &
Case Studies

Case study „Auctionism“

Through our services, we help companies to act sustainably in the context of company liquidations, site relocations or warehouse clean-ups and recycle what is no longer needed in a holistic manner.

Real Deutschland Tour 2022

As part of the restructuring, 17 stores with a total fl oor area of more than 240,000sqm were to be utilized, cleared and restored to their original condition in 2022.The spaces included retail, warehouse, food service, and outdoor spaces.

Fritsche Accessoires GmbH

The objective was to monetize the fixed and current assets and to clear the entire site and an outdoor area of FANSCHALSTRICKEREI Fritsche Accessoires GmbH, located in Helmbrechts, due to discontinuation of business operations.

Metzgerei SEYERLEI

Due to the closure of the business for health reasons, we were able to assist the small traditional Franconian butcher‘s store in the disposal of its last machinery and equipment.

Karl Leupold GmbH Metallverarbeitungs­maschinen

The building: a metal construction company – originally an old smithy from anno 18something, which had grown more and more over the years and occupied the ground floor and basement in/under three old residential buildings between Fürther Stadtpark and Hauptstraße.

Mytoolstore GmbH

The liquidation of the online store with the remaining inventory of trade goods, B-goods, returns as well as the entire furnishing and equipping of the site from the areas of warehouse, administrative office and shipping processing.

König von Flandern

The goal was to monetize and clear out the traditional inn with an attached home brewery.

Therapie First

We were commissioned with the liquidation of the entire practice at two locations. In addition to classic individual items such as exercise balls and massage tables, the items to be liquidated included complete treatment rooms and consumables.

Holzbau Augustin GmbH

Dissolution of a handicraft business. From the signs to secure the construction site to the large joinery machine (for those who have never heard: CNC-controlled wood cutting machine that pulls in, saws, mills, turns and outputs – so all 6 sides of a piece of wood can be machined) – from screw racks to lumber.

Profectis GmbH

The utilization of the warehouse location with 25.000sqm area of Profectis due to location liquidation.


CO2 savings due to non-disposal by the example of „SIEMENS Exit Mitte“

Assuming that all office furniture sold at the last auction would alternatively have been newly procured, we have drawn up a comparison between the respective CO2 emissions.

Based on the office furniture examined here, a avoidance of over 517 tons of CO2 emissions could be determined. This value is based on the difference between the CO2 emissions of a new piece of furniture and a used piece of furniture.

In view of the fact that only office furniture was compared in this calculation and a good 1/3 of the items offered, such as other furnishings, equipment and materials, are not even included, the actual value is probably much higher!

In addition, it is clear that holistic recycling has reduced the disposal volume to a minimum – the usual office leftovers.



Also objects, which are no longer needed in their usual use or can be used, we help our end customers to a new life cycle through upcycling.

Among other things, our customers have already helped the following treasures to a new life:

  • a telephone booth was turned into a small street library
  • a bicycle shelter now serves as a covered hayrack and was equipped with solar panels
  • metal cupboards from workshops were converted so that they now serve as automatic feed dispensers for horses
  • bump protection wood from an old people’s home was used for the construction of a climbing frame for a playground
  • molds of a former decoration manufacturer are used in an outpatient geriatric care as motor and touch molds
  • And much more.



In addition to the service of recycling itself, we attach great importance to holistic rethinking and sustainability.

So it is a matter of course for us that

  • we continue to convert our vehicle pool to hybrid and electric vehicles,
  • we carry out energetic renovation measures on our company building,
  • use a solar energy system,
  • company trips are made by train as far as possible.
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